Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pulverise the Secularise

Fuck you Bitch

Murdering is your pride
Killing is your bride
Middle East is our site
You fucking coward you're non polite

Your curse Statue, Your fucking reliance
Abandon their land you brigand
That is not your motherland
Tousands of body find their dead end

The detonation is your dignity
You're fucking coward to face the unity
Stony soldier facing your weaponry
What the fuck are you unmanly?

The race that should been PULVERISE
Hitler is right to give them PULVERISE
Your Statue will give you a PULVERISE
God show them the means of PULVERISE

lirik ni untuk wan yang dh siap kan 1 lagu ..
tp aku sendiri x penah dgr lagu tu mcm mane ..
just tulis bende ni .. aku x tau wan dh ade lyrics ke belom ..
aku x pandai nk bt lagu .. x kretif .. so khidmat aku .. ni je yg mampu ..
try la masuk kan dgn lagu tu .. klu x boleh .. ubah je lyrics ni ..
aku tulis pasal israel .. ala2 yg ko nk pasal perang tu ..
tp nk tulis pasal perang xtau sgt .. sbb aku x ikot berite ..
ni je yang mampu aku bt .. mase tgh boring ..

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