Thursday, September 9, 2010

She ...

She .. a girl that i do love .. from the 1st meet and she steal me away with her breath .. pumping a new blood through my body .. make me feel better with my life .. no longer felt lonely .. she pull me away from the nightmare .. never felt alone again .. u've buried my dead soul and i can see the shine through ur eyes .. but .. be more patients with me .. okay ..

Knowing her form 7th November 2009 .. be with her 27th July 2010 .. a long journey has been taken and alot of darkness hours to get her here .. and now .. i got her .. and she is mine ..

Love u babe .. love u so much .. keeping u deep inside .. loosing u was not a part of the plan ..

Aku sayang kau BODOH - p/s - i love so much