Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TGT - A Poem From Us



Asking for the star that will never shine
For the truth of our life that we were stand
Of the hatred that will never charm
It's sink with no regard to us

Despite just like a plague in the air
With a dark skies and the dead ruin
The sank of hope with the name of God
We flooded up with new look


We brought a clench of hope
The warrior in blinded of surrender
We're standing together 'till the last blood
Just glance for a while, I know we are different
Just leave us with our scene, With our voices
We will never disturbing the outsider


You can't see the darkest way of our life
But we still stand together walking trough it
Now you're leaving us with the insulation
But it still remain inside 'till the last breath

For all the sin that we've made before
It's just a fucking lie from you to the unity
But the sun knowing the truth and still shining for us
We flooded up with new look, With a new breath to you


The strength of our tongue singing a poem
The blood bleed from the warrior flowing black
Singing together with the storm to the world
with the wind is gusting and the lightning striking


At last, the lyrics completed for our 1st finished up this fucking lyric taking a few week jugak la...hahahaha...but aku x buat keje hari2 la...bile aku rase nak buat...aku tulis...bile idea datang menjelme...aku pun tulis...!

So this song us talking about scene yang kene tindas dari pihak yang tertentu...orang yang xsenang dengan ape yang kite budak2 ni pun melawan balik nak tegakkan keadilan...even diorang dah kalah pun...tapi budak2 ni still bangun dengan care baru nak sampai kan kat dunie ape yang diorang rase...nak tunjuk kat dunie yang diorang ni sebenarnye x salah...diorang ade care diorang sendiri n diorang xkan memberontak kalau orang lain x ganggu enjoy the the lyrics k...!

p/s: hard k...jgn lupe tabs n hard copy lagu kat aku...mane tau aku boleh tolong sikit2..

TGT members...proud to have this song with u guys...!
xlame lg kite dah ade single kite sendiri...

WAN aku dgr ko dah ade lagu br...klu dah tau aku...
aku nk pikir next lyrics untuk 2nd song kite...
cukur 5 lagu TGT kuar demo...orait...!



  1. mne ade lagi. haha..
    tp on work la.
    tgk la cmne.
    lirik ak igt nk wat psl war skarang ni.